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Morto is a heavy and enigmatic game that focuses on a psychological horror story with a hand-drawn and animated aesthetic. The game is being created in a structure of chapters that will be released over time. In it you control a mysterious character and can walk and interact with objects in a 2D view, finding tense scenes and also trying to find out more about the story by exploring the environments, this game focuses heavily on the theme of depression so it should be avoided by those who have this predisposition.


This game has a theme that should be avoided by people with depression problems

Language : English and Portuguese


Press the E interact and A and D to move


Help the developer finish this project.

Patreon: Morto is creating Indie Game of Psychological Horror | Patreon

Creator instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mbastos_artes/?hl=pt-br


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Morto Pc 0.694.zip 147 MB


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i bought on switch excepting a scary experience and man this game delivered lol

ik u definitely get this way too much but how is your progress on chapter 2?

good afternoon friend, I'm halfway through chapter 2, this chapter is more complex to do, so it's taking a while, I'm also modifying chapter 1 because some people asked to improve some things, if you want to follow mine development can enter instagram: Mbastos-artes and follow me there

thanks, will do

Just downloaded the game on my switch, I'm excited to play it


thank you very much friend


The game was pretty cool and I loved its theme. As a fellow brazilian, it's really good to see some awesome indie horror games being made recently.

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random guy who likes to play some indie horror games (gameplay in portuguese).

Thanks for the game and opportunity! :)

muito obrigado irmão!!

is there a way to claim the game? i can't download it at the moment

I didn't understand, can you rephrase your sentence?


I like the game, i feel spooky and sad in same time, short but good

thank you very much friend, part two of it will come out later on, thank you for playing my game

I will play it for sure, thank you :)

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I really loved this game I found the graphic extremely atmospheric and kind of reminded me of an anime style with a western touch.

Well done on a compelling and well constructed game

I am definitely looking forward to playing chapter 2 

My gameplay video

thank you so much buddy, i'm working on updates to the game, and also chapter 2, thanks for playing my game

I keep getting the message that says "Windows cannot open the folder" and it says that it's invalid?

have to unzip the filetem que descopactar o arquivo

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I don't know what's going on, download again the file may have broken,

try to open the file with Winrar,I think the problem is that you are not able to unzip

When the realization hit it hit hard but did she or he cause sorry it seems she had it coming.

Gameplay jogando o primeiro capítulo de Morto 

muito obrigado irmão



I love this game! Very interesting! Thanks for comment the video friend! Keep going!

Thank you so much brother, I thank you for playing my game!!

I finished the game in 30 minutes max,I had trouble understanding the commands at the beggining-,and I think it's relly well made and really original.

While playing I kinda of tought about my own teory about the apartment part -?

Here it is: 

His wife after giving birth fell into depression and,thinking she could be happy again,killed the baby,so the protagonist,who I guess wanted the baby,killed her out of anger and then tried to kill himself after realising what he did.

Thank you very much for playing the Morto, it's the story is almost that, I'm sure you'll be surpassed in the next chapters

Thank you very much friend for your donation, if you want call me on instagram @Mbastos-artes and I'll give you a beta test of my game

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Quite a dark game which made me feel the sadness and the dull life the character is experiencing. Has strong themes. Was confusing as well abit but i guess it is part of the story which clears itself as more chapters are released. Liked it and i am eagerly awaiting for be upcoming chapters. Good Job devs. I also made a 2 part series as well where i ve released part 1 of chapter 1. Feel free to check it out.

for sure thank you very much

I pretty startled with sound effects lol.
waiting for next game and chapter o((>ω< ))

thank you very much friend, chapter 2 is being produced

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how to play on linux , i started game, but only blank screen appears

Linux PC 0.694.zip

151 MB Did you download the file?

You can call me on Instagram, and send me a video so I can understand what's going on, if you want too, you can join the group of people to test the game

yes i downloaded this file , and unziped it. Then i gave it permission to run as executable and then tried to run `./Morto...x86`, it opens up with powerd by unity screen and the music started playing , but all i see is blank screen. I always use this process to install other games on linux.  


Set current directory to /home/tanay-pingalkar/games/Linux Pc 0.694

Found path: /home/tanay-pingalkar/games/Linux Pc 0.694/Morto.x86_64


i get this message after running `./Morto...x86_64`

oh wow,not what i expected.man,i hope the next chapter comes out soon,i cant wait to see more of this story.

Thank you friend, if you want, call me on Instagram, I'm putting together a closed group of people to test the game, before it launches

sure, does your instagram have the same name as your account on here?

is there on top in contacts

Fiz um video sobre esse jogo, gostei muito dele em falar nisso.  https://youtu.be/iweYt5qCzNQ

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muito obrigado amigo, é bom ter br jogando o meu jogo, muito obrigado

So I have been playing for a while now and i cant figure the first one out can someone please help?

never mind


good afternoon, the character interacts by pressing And, if you have any questions, you can consult the game video

Hello Devs, I have really enjoyed the style of this game along with the mechanics although they are sometimes a bit laggy but all over a really good game. I am looking for more games like this, Love from India

Thank you so much friend, I'm glad you liked

This game- Man that was good, honestly one of the best if not the best itch.io game i have played so far!

Starts at 12:20

thank you very much friend for your gameplay

Ugh my heart...

Thank you very much Friend, I am very happy with your cooperation, thank you very much

Очень атмосферный хоррор. Как Вы и просили, выкладываю своё прохождение)

Спасибо большое, друг, я был очень рад увидеть ваш геймплей, большое вам спасибо

it was sooooooo good.


thank you very much, i'm very happy for your gameplay


Excellent game! It was a lot deeper and more profound than I expected from a little game. I'm really looking forward to where it goes next. Thanks for sharing this with us!


thank you very much friend

It was chilling...  I have to say I'm excited to see what the other chapters hold as well!


thank you very much friend, i must say that chapter 2 will surprise you

Looking forward!

very good game 

thank you very much friend

really good game loved the vibe it gave off.


very proud brother, I'm glad you played

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It was very fun to play. An intens game that makes you feel really sad. I hope I can play the next game of you :)

Thank you very much, but the second part of the game will come out later on, I hope you like it

Excellent game. Very dark and thought provoking. I was thinking it had to do with post pardum depression. Check out my video if you like :)

Muito obrigado por sua jogabilidade, e sim, esse é um dos temas abordos

I had a blast playing. I hope to see more of this. Art is awesome. Great Job

Thank you very much for your gameplay brother, thank you very much

Morto is a cool creepy game with a neat story that I enjoyed. I put it in my 3 Creepy Games video. Keep up the good work Dev(s).

thank you very much friend

Nice Story Twist 🔥

thanks friend, I had seen your vide when you launched it, thanks for the comment

No problem ! Great game!

this was very well done and i enjoyed it a lot :D thank you 

thank you very much friend, i'm happy for you

I have to say good game but I went for at least 3 hours before I decided to pull the trigger and now I feel dumb.

rsrsrs is part of the experience

Rsrsrs? whats that?

rsrsrs it's an example like lol


It was a good game , I have a few thing to say .... If you made it a little bit clearer for us it will be Perfect because you may put something for us to do and think it's clear for us but it is not because your way of thinking to the game as a developer is different from what we see as a players .. For example when I came to the baby room at the first time and went out ... I did not know what to do , If the baby was crying instead of laughing I would think about giving him/her some food from the kitchen , or If I can interact with the baby and then you showed some lines like " hmm he/she is most be hungery " it will be Great , I hope you got my point .. also I'm not an English native speaker So the wifes talk was not understandable for me because of the font .. But overall that was a cool game ! waiting for the rest :P ... i'm really happy with this website so i'm saying this for you to get better as much as you can from my own experience  ><


thanks friend, i'm not fluent in english but i liked the tips, the game will be clearer in chapter 2, and i'll update some things in chapter 1 you can also leave

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It was a good concept, but the story...it was dark and sad.

Watch video here:


thank you very much for your gameplay


I've got to your game by this video, well was a pretty nice game, continue. So you can get better and better <3

Thank you very much, tropia is a very good person, I got to talk to him a little bit


Well... That was dark, but you did a very good job, I think it needs a little more of a dialogue to make the game a little more "understandable" but taking that aside, the game was good and dark, boa sorte manin!

thank you very much for the analysis, the game is not ending yet, I am working on new updates but onwards, thanks





i enjoyed it 

the story is so really dark and sad really looks like an old film just like you said love it kinda reminded me of some flash games aswell 

thank you very much, I'll take a look at your video

Just like the good ol' days with ma and pa!

thank you friend, i will take a look at your channel

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